Helical fitting construction distributes focal pressure on the whole range of the fitting excluding concentrated load. That is very important when dealing with optical cables (OPGW, ADSS).

This is done due to tight connection between the rods of the cable and the fitting with fused alumina covering the inner surface of the fitting rods, thus creating high friction coefficient and avoiding slipping.

Employing helical fittings also decreases mechanical wear of the system “cable-fitting”.
Helical fitting have plenty of advantages compared to classical (bolt and compression fittings) solutions used in the sphere of electricity and communication:

  • — Tight connection between the fitting and the cable protecting the latter from excessive bending, abrasion and other mechanical damage;
  • — Compressive stresses are distributed on the whole length of the fitting, which prevents point pressure;
  • — Firm contact between the cable and the fitting;
  • — Fast and easy assembly and mounting (no need in special equipment);
  • — Restoring electrical and mechanical properties of the conductor after breakage.


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