Efficient functioning of any company requires a reliable digital data communication channel and a telephone line. These types of connection are realized through optic fiber lines.  Optic fiber made possible the implementation of high-speed technologies that are indispensable for computer link systems that unite large and distant objects.

Mounting optic fiber cable on the towers is one of alternative methods of fiber optic line construction. This method is economically advantageous as it reduces the time and cost of construction works. Exploitation of overhead lines is considerably cheaper in comparison with other types of fiber optic line construction.

This type is the only possible variant for some Russian regions with harsh climate.


Helical fitting manufactured by SARMAT LLC are designed to mount the following types of cables:

Energy transmission is one of the most important tasks of energy industry. Electricity is an indispensable part of our every day life. Electricity transmission is stipulated by the fact that it is generated by large power plants and in the same time consumed by small power consumers distributed in vast areas. Electricity is mainly transmitted through overhead lines.

Bare conductors and self-supporting insulted conductors are used to transmit electricity in overhead lines.

  • Ground wire


    Applied as a grounded lightning catcher suspended alongside the electric line of up to 35 kV and higher and serves to protect the conductors from direct lightning bolts.

  • Bare conductor (A, AC, TACSR)

    провод АС

    Bare conductors serve to transmit electric energy in overhead lines. On-surface energy transmission reduces time and cost of the field work.

    TACSR conductors (bare conductor made of heat-resistant aluminum alloy, cable core made of aluminum clad steel) can be used at high temperature. Having the same section in mm2 it increases power transfer capacity of an electric line and has smaller sag compared to that of conventional AC conductors.

  • Round section self-supporting insulated conductor


    Round section conductors serve to transmit and distribute energy in overhead electric lines with nominal voltage of 10-35 kV.


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