Certification is an important factor of confidence in mutual product supply and salvation of such big social goals as safety assurance of the employed product, protection of people´s health and the environment.

Helical fittings manufactured by SARMAT are certified for use at FGC UES (Federal grid company of United Energy System) sites.

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FGC UES  is the biggest Russian company specializing in energy transmission and distribution. It’s lines’ length is as long as 2.3 million km and the transformer capacity of its 463 thousand substations equals 726 GV-A.

Сертификат ОАО "ФСК ЕЭС" и ОАО "Россети"

FGC UES and Rosseti Group certificare

Helical fittings manufactured by SARMAT are certified for use at FGC UES sites


Federal grid company of United Energy System (FGC UES)  was founded on the 22nd of June, 2002 in accordance with the program of Russian electro energy industry reformation.

The United Energy System has been declared National treasure and the guarantee of national energetic security. The main part of the UES is “united national power grid that - including the system of trunk lines that connect the majority of the state regions – is an element of state integrity

FGC UES is one of the most considerable market players. According to data of the beginning of 2011 FGC UES maintains 121.7 thousand km of electric lines and 805 substations.

Акт приёмки ОКГТ-Ц, ОКГТ-С

OPGW-C, OPGW-S acceptance certificate, page 1

Акт приёмки ОКГТ-Ц, ОКГТ-С

OPGW-C, OPGW-S acceptance certificate, page 2

Дополнение  атестационной комиссии по спиральной арматуре

Certifying commission’s supplement on OPGW and helical fittings

дополнение атестационной комиссии по кабелю ОКК

Certifying commission’s supplement on ADSS and helical fittings

Дополнение  атестационной комиссии по спиральной арматуре

Protocol for the validity extension of the certifying commission’s supplement

FGC UES gave positive conclusion for the system cable-fitting manufactured by Saranskkable-Optica and SARMAT. Cables OKGT-c,  OKGT-s and OKK are recommended for use with helical fittings – dead-end set CTS-W and suspension set CSS-W.

The conclusion is made that the qualified product meets the standards’ requisitions, industry and corporate documentation for optical ground wires as well as additional requisitions of FGC UES.
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Certificate GOST ISO 9001 2015


One of the most efficient methods of company development is implementation of quality management system and its certification to meet the demands of the international standards ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 certifies that that our company has implemented and actively employs the quality management system that guarantees high quality of our product regardless of change in external or internal conditions.
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sarmat iso9001 2
sarmat iso9001 5


Certificate GOST R (Russian national standard)

Mass produced helical fittings of SARMAT LLC are certified in the system GOST R which proves quality and safety of our product.

Our product is certified as the result of validation tests fulfilled by accredited certification authority – cable testing facility LLC Opticenergo – and complies with the standards and reference documents GOST R 51177-98 and Technical conditions ТУ 3449-001-91673199-2012

Cертификат соответствия

Cертификат соответствия
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Dealer certificates

Cертификат дилера

Dealer Certificate
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