Helical dead-end set CTS-W

Helical dead-end

Helical dead-end set CTS-W-d/f is designed to mount OPGW, GW and corrosion resistant GW on anchor towers of electrical (up to 35kV and higher) and communication lines, municipal facilities (street lightning, electrical transport lines etc.) and buildings.

Product composition


Thimble clevis, bolt,
nut and split pin

Спиральный зажим

Dead-end component


Protection splice


Dead-end component

натяжной зажим

Dead end component consists of a strand of U-shaped aluminum clad steel or aluminium alloy wire, fused alumina covering its inner surface.

Protection splice


Protection splice consists of aluminum clad steel or aluminum alloy wire strands of 3-4 rods each.

Thimble clevis


Thimble clevis with bolt, nut and split pin are cast from of galvanized steel.

Cable diameter, mm 8,0 - 26,0
Dead-end component length L, mm 1120 - 1700
Protection splice length, L1 mm 2000 - 4000
Tensile load, kN 30 - 240
Thimble clevis К-70, К-120, К-160, К-250
Break load, tons 7 - 25


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