Helical armor rods PPS-W, PPS-D

Helical armor rods

Helical armor rods PPS serve to protect self-supporting cables (ADSS), optical ground wires (OPGW) and other types of round section cables and conductors at the points of installation of vibration dampers and fixing points. They also prevent cables from contacts with elements of towers and other constructions. .


Product composition

Variant 1

armor rods

Armor rods

Variant 2 *


Armor rods


Armor rods


Armor rods consist of strands of 3 or 4 rods made of aluminum clad steel.


Individual aluminum clad steel rods are used to protect short areas of cables or conductors.


  • 11 - to protect cable from crushing strains at the points of vibration dampers’ installation;
  • 21 - to protect cable from vibration and wear in multi-roll suspensions;
  • 31- to protect AC conductors from vibration at the points of bolt  clamp’ installation.
Cable diameter, mm 8 - 26,0
Layer diameter,  L, L1, mm 500 - 5000
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